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This page describes the series of critical playshops we will be running through the hackerspace, in partnership with the Cultural Research In Technology (CRIT) research group at Indiana University Bloomington's School of Informatics and Computing, and with Intel's ISTC-Social Computing program.

Critical Playshop - Ubiquitous Sensing

Our first Critical Playshop, called Critical Playshop - Ubiquitous Sensing, will take place on April 12th and 13th, from 1pm to 5pm each day. Please check out the page for more details!

Why are they "Critical" Playshops?

We use the term "critical" to describe creations that inspire some kind of reflection. For some examples, please refer to this document as a resource. In these workshops, we aren't expecting this kind of quality of production, but these give you an idea of the kinds of concepts we mean when we say "critical." Note: If this link is not working, please contact altoombs [at] indiana [dot] edu

Future Playshops

Future Critical Playshops will be iteratively designed, based on feedback from our first one. Potential future focuses include “art,” “tech,” and “repair.” After we have done a few of these playshops, we might put on an “out-hack the hackers” playshop. These multiple themes will hopefully help make these playshops more accessible to a wider variety of people.

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