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This is a proposed page which needs further review by the membership and the board before being considered "in-effect" - January 3rd, 2019.

This is a proposed description that defines certain aspects of how we operate as a community and as a business. The Standing Rules are referenced by our ByLaws to further refine how operations are to take place, or to describe how the membership comes to expect things to be done.


How we operate - a guide post

Meeting etiquette

We have always strived to keep our meetings as short and to the point as possible. Whether they are member meetings or the annual "yearly meeting", we try hard to not waste anyone's time. The point of our organization is Making things after all, so time spent not working on activities is time wasted :-). Board meetings tend to be looser, but it's up to the board to decide how they want to spend their time.

Helpful Notes

  • Post an adgenda and meeting times as far ahead of time as is reasonable
  • Starting late is ok, running long is strongly frowned upon.
  • Member meetings are most attended when they start 30-60 minutes before our public hours
  • Someone (usually the President) must keep conversation on-topic. Watch the clock, if you are running out of time pick up the pace of the meeting.
  • Free doughnuts help attract attendees
  • Be kind but stern to keep things on-track

Member Meetings

We call member meetings only as often as is needed, but it is generally good to have a minimum of one per quarter(ish). Members and officers alike can call a members meeting, but generally if has been left up to the officers to call all member meetings in the past. Meetings are called to communicate buiness level changes, financial issues, or get input affecting all of the members (including how to spend funds in the savings account). Whenever we do have a members meeting, it is usually good to present a treasurers report in addition to any other business to discuss. Since our member meetings are infrequent, providing a financial report at every opporotunity is good. Any issues that require voting should occur during a members meeting of course. Our Bylaws cover our rules for calling meetings, establishing quorum, and voting.

Board Meetings

Typically the board meets once per month (usually the first Wednesday) after Bloominglabs public hours. This is completely up to the board to decide where and when to meet. Anyone is welcome to attend.

ByLaw References to the Standing Rules

  • Article III, Section 3: Voting Membership Class Election
    • ...The Standing Rules shall specify procedures for inducting new members...
  • Article III, Section 4: Voting Membership Dues
    • ...The amount, payment period, due date and acceptable methods for collection of dues shall be reviewed each year at the annual meeting, and shall be specified in the Standing Rules...
  • Article III, Section 6: Voting Membership Resignation and Termination
    • ...Any voting member may resign by filing a resignation with any officer. Resignation shall not relieve a voting member of unpaid dues or other monies owed. Voting membership shall be suspended for non-payment of dues by the Treasurer after a period of three (3) months. Any suspended voting member may restore their membership as shall be specified in the Standing Rules...
  • Article IV, Section 1: Regular Meetings
    • Regular meetings of voting members shall be held as designated in the standing rules.
  • Article IV, Section 2: Annual Meetings
    • ...At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the Standing Rules and policies of the Corporation, receive reports on the activities of the Corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of the Corporation in the coming year...
  • Article IV, Section 6: Conduct of Meetings
    • The conduct of all meetings shall follow the rules of order as specified in the Standing Rules.
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